Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is is a file hosting service that enables online file sharing between two or more users.

2. How is it different from other file hosting services?

First of all, it doesn’t require registration, creating an account or a password. Users upload the files they want to share and send them directly to the website. Next step is sending an URL link of the site to another user, who can see the uploaded files and download them. The users have only 10 minutes to download the file (unless the time id Restart), and after than the session expires. Thus makes the whole sharing process much safer, as no other person has access to your data.

3. Who can use the service?

Anyone with an Internet connection and a browser which supports the website. The service doesn’t require you to create an account or enter any personal data. The information about your IP and browser are displayed by default, but you can decide to hide it, using on/off switches.

4. How do I ulpoad the files?

Very easily. You can either drag and drop your files directly onto the website, or use “Click here to upload new files” botton.

5. Who can see my files once I upload them?

The uploaded files are seen only by you and the person you send the URL link.

6. Is it a payable service?

No, we are happy to inform you, that you can use the service for as much as you want, completely free of charge.

7. What is the maximum volume of a file?

There are no limits as for the numbers of files you can share, but each one should be of no more than 50MB.

8. What does the countdown clock indicate?

The countdown timer is set for 10 minutes, as this is precisely the time during which your uploaded files will be visible for the other user(s). If you think the other person might need more time to download the files, you can prolong the time by clicking the "Restart" button. Then, the timer goes back to 10 minutes.

9. I didn’t get to download the file within 10 minutes. What happens?

If you fail to download the file within 10 minutes, and the other user doesn’t prolong the time (using the "Restart" button), the session expires and you no longer have access to the data. The other user will have to upload the file once again and send you the unique URL link.

10. I get the message that is unavailable. What does it mean?

For safety reasons, after the 10 minutes go by, both you and the other users lose access to the uploaded files. The whole session expires and the specific URL is blocked for some time. To repeat the whole process or upload new data, start a new session by typing in a different URL.